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Maclan MMAX Pro 160A & MRR Team Edition V2 Brushless Motor Combo (13.5T)


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MACLAN RACING – Ultimate 13.5 ESC / Motor Combo

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MACLAN RACING – Ultimate 13.5 Combo (Discontinued)

The Maclan Racing MMax Pro & MRR Team Edition V2 Motor Combo combines a 13.5 Turn MRR Team Edition motor with the incredible MMAX Pro ESC to create an all in one option for racers that want the highest quality gear available.
The MRR Team Edition V2 was developed to push stock racing to the next level. Based on the highly successful MRR Team Edition, Maclan completely redesigned the Team Edition V2 for today’s competitive stock racing classes. From motor case structure and stator shape, to rotor and sensor unit, everything was redesigned for maximum performance potential.
All New Stator with 100% Hand Winding Custom Wires
The Team Edition V2 has an updated stator shape in order to produce maximum horsepower. With custom-made copper wires and premium steel material in the stator, it provides maximum power with noticeable lower temperatures in extreme racing conditions.
New Sensor Unit & Rotor Alignment
The redesigned sensor unit improves the already impressive MRR sensor deviation accuracy. The rotor alignment method allows us to place the sensors even closer to the rotor. The rotor has also been perfectly centered within the stator for maximum efficiency.
Light Weight Design with Maximum Safe Venting
Compared to the MRR Team Edition, the V2 has a significantly reduced weight, saving 14% (175g vs. 151g). Maclan didn’t want to just make the venting holes larger to reduce the weight as this puts your stator at risk from foreign debris, so we carefully designed our venting and cooling to maximize durability of the MRR Team Edition V2 motors.
Ultra High Torque Rotor and New Premium Ultra High Torque Rotor Option
The MRR Team Edition V2 comes with an Ultra High Torque (UHT) rotor (MCL4143) as standard equipment. There’s also an optional 12.50mm Premium Ultra High Torque (PUHT) rotor (MCL4144) as an option for your different application or needs.
Note: MRR Team Edition V2 rotors are a updated design. They are not interchangeable with original MRR & MRR Team Edition rotors.
The MMAX Pro was developed from the ground up with 18+ months of R&D efforts by the Maclan Racing team with one goal in mind – to be faster than anything else on the market. The MMax Pro is a next generation competition ESC for 1/10 RC car racing, with specific profiles for on road, off road, blinky and modified classes. Plus, there are profiles developed for rock crawlers and drift cars, as well as three custom profiles! All the profiles can be customized using the Maclan ProLink programming card or a PC, and each parameter within every profile can be fine tuned to suit your specific requirements.
Featuring the latest hall sensor technology and highest grade copper wires, the Maclan MRR Modified motors are a no compromise mod class racing motor option. They were developed with a focus on providing controllable power, with maximized efficiency for high speed applications. Plus, the motor can be rebuilt in minutes so its easy to have the power on tap necessary to remain ahead of your competition.
SmartLink App for Android Devices 
The SmartLink app was designed for Android mobile devices with OS version 5.0 or higher. It utilizes the touch screen on your mobile device to perform some useful functions. The ESC on board USB port allows the ESC to connect to the mobile device directly without a bridging device. The SmartLink app can be found on Google Play. Use your Android mobile device and search Maclan SmartLink. With the SmartLink App you can:
  • Profile change/ save
  • ESC programming
  • Data logging display (coming in next update)
  • Online ESC firmware update