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BEADLOCK STARFISH Rear Wheel and MAMBO Tires – Built and Balanced


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JConcepts MAMBO Beadlock Rear Wheel and Tire, mounted, balanced and chrome detailed.  Ready to rock!  12mm Hex.  Due to the massive ribbing inside this tire we do not offer an Inner-Liner.  These are not belted.  Fit, Slash, DR10, LOSI 22S Camaro and other Short Course based No Prep Cars.

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Beadlocks are sought-after accessories for the drag racing scene and JConcepts is on-point with the release of the Starfish Mambo beadlock wheel assembly. The 3-piece design pinches and holds the Mambos tire assembly together while providing one of the most scale looks on the circuit. The drag cars turn serious RPM’s, and the tires are under tremendous centrifugal force while in acceleration. The beadlock setup is constantly under stress to hold the assembly together. The system is recommended only while using 2s power and for normal on-track passes only. *Do not free rev the vehicle while using beadlock wheels.

The Starfish beadlock wheel is a 5 spoke option delivered in time for the most hardcore street racers wanting to run the wider rear tire option. The wheel is designed with a high 3D impression and made from durable proprietary materials. The wide-stance design has a thickness throughout the spoke area but is completely recessed on the inside for weight reduction and engineering returns. The 3-pieces move together like a vice and together with machined and lightened aluminum outer beadlock and inner griping points, mush the assembly together.

The inner ring structure with massive ribs fit inside the tire and provides the main base of the beadlock. The inner ring will seat into the radial openings on the tire located on the inside and outside near the bead. The cone shaped portion of the wheel slides in from the inside and the clamping begins once the grip points engage with the tire. On the outside, the bead of the tire sits up slightly above the bolt pattern plane and it’s important to align so the gap is the same all the way around. Add the aluminum beadlock to the outside using the included 3x8mm BHCS to clamp the assembly.

The wheels fit a vast number of vehicles for anyone looking to undertake a Street Eliminator project and accept a 12mm hex drive. Popular vehicles which use the Starfish Mambo wheels include, the Traxxas Slash, Bandit, Rustler as well as the popular line-up of Team Associated short course trucks and now, the purpose built DR10.

The matte black and stealth look give the wheels serious street appearance, the aluminum machined and black anodized beadlock gives class leading style straight out of the package. All the JConcepts wheels help create an ultra-low, wide-stance race car. These new wheels match perfectly with JConcepts Mambos tires (#3117) for the wide-body Street Eliminator look.


  • 1:1 inspired beadlock Starfish 12mm hex design
  • Wide “Mambos” design, 2.2 x 3.0” configuration
  • 3-piece design with aluminum machined beadlock ring
  • Durable design, finish, and material
  • Integrated spoke and inner ribbing
  • Available in Black with matte face appearance
  • Included 3mm hardware
  • Devastatingly handsome


A lot of chatter in the RC community brought the team to producing a new tire in a much wider configuration. Mambos by JConcepts is the latest wide-body tire built specifically for RC Drag Racing. At the heart of this design is the 2.2 x 3.0” configuration but stretched out to create a larger contact patch. Forward traction is the name of the game and the goal of the larger area, in theory, gives a racer a slight advantage in the “hook and go” department.

One of the tricky aspects to drag racing rear tires is tire expansion and controlling this aspect of power and acceleration. The JConcepts design team thickened the entire carcass, added new inner sidewall ribbing on the inside and outside and then an industry first waffle inner weight reduction pattern. The waffle pattern accomplishes 2 things, weight reduction and provides some resistance to expansion to split some difference between a heavily restricted belted tire and a tire with no inner structure.

Dialing in the tire is a racers job but starting with a great base setup is key and the Mambos have all the elements of a successful design. Another exciting feature designed into the sidewall is the ability to add a beadlock style wheel such as the new Starfish wide beadlock wheel (#3415B). The rear tire has an inspired look with a wide-body footprint so the driver can feel the straight-line forward stability with very light rolling resistance. The 2.2 x 3.0″ size makes it traditional in feel but because of its width, fits a new line of Mambos sized wheels such as the (#3408B, 3409B and beadlock 3415B).

The rear tire is designed as a low-profile shape to fit inside close quarters of a vehicle and body shell while maintaining the crisp response of a race tire. Mambos have raised lettering which can be detailed for shows or displays or simply left without for a sleepy yet devastating look. A new feature included on the sidewall is a double arrow which can be colored to indicate direction. The JConcepts tires include the Mambos carcass forming closed-cell, black in color Dirt-Tech inserts known for their durability, performance, and consistency.

Notes from the team –

The Mambos tires are rated for a maximum of Street Eliminator 2S power only. They are not guaranteed against any running damage from extreme power situations from anything above and beyond the rating. The tires are not belted, only reinforced with internal rubber ribbing.

Blue compound = soft feel, medium to high expansion rate and recommended for all weather conditions. Ideally, the surface temperature range should be 90 degrees or below.


  • Popular 2.2 x 3.0″ bead diameter with Mambos width
  • Single contour thickened carcass
  • Inside and Outside inner sidewall carcass ribbing
  • Wide-body footprint for tracking stability
  • Center carcass waffle design
  • Authentic tire lettering with retro JConcepts logo
  • Available in blue “soft” compound
  • Includes Dirt-Tech closed cell inserts
  • Massive and mean performance