RC BOMBSHELLS is a custom R/C paint service and more, born and bred for the RC Racer by the Racer.  “We make cool shit, cooler!”



Developed and designed as a one-stop painting experience with the RC racer in mind. You concentrate on racing and let RC BOMBSHELLS handle your paint needs. The true racer is constantly looking to up his game, be it in the pits tuning, out on track testing, and ultimately putting together the most consistent runs for the podium. With this in mind, BOMBSHELLS aims to accommodate those who are looking to achieve that professional track appearance and maximize their RACE experience.



As soon as you receive your BOMBSHELL, you are going to want to get it on your vehicle and into the winners circle. With that in mind, each BOMBSHELL comes cut out and ready to mount. Nobody enjoys cutting out Lexan bodies, which is why it is a standard service included. Don’t risk scratching and ruining your new shell with a slight slip of the scissors. I have meticulously hand cut out hundreds of shells which is much easier to do pre-paint.



Every BOMBSHELL comes rhino-lined to add equally professional appearance on the inside as out. Feel free to scrub the mud and never risk scratching the vibrant paint. This coating reportedly adds 3 times the life to your shell. So keep that in mind when you justify paying the little extra charged for a bomb proof shell.



Each shell is individually serial numbered, cataloged and archived, so you can own part of the collection.



The process begins with your paint scheme or concept, a body (either provided to me or purchased through me), payment (via PayPal to rcbombshells@gmail.com, check or cash), and patience.



YOU PAY, I SPRAY. Payment in full reserves your shell number and place in line. If you are looking for a rush job, keep on looking. I frequently have a 4-8 week + turn around (this may vary due to my job, family obligations and race schedule).



Get the BOMB. See and feel the difference. Podium girls are standing by.