What do you back the bodies with?2015-07-11T00:22:38-07:00

Each RC BOMBSHELL is backed with a special Rhino-lining that prolongs the life of each shell, reportedly up to 3 times longer. It has a textured mat black finish which looks very clean and sharp, as well as protects the paint from being scratched on the inside. It is not affected by nitro fuel or being scrubbed with a brush on the inside. Every customer has loved the lining and is just as excited to show people the inside of their RC BOMBSHELL as the out.

Do you do True Chrome?2021-03-03T17:09:57-08:00

Rc Bombshells uses a Spaz Stix Ultimate Mirror Chrome in a 3 step process to provide True Mirror Chrome finish.  This is best applied in pinstriping and smaller areas (bumpers, window trim etc.)  This effect gives your shell ultimate detail however can be prone to flaking in large areas.  There is no way around that, however looks amazing.

What kind of paint do you use?2015-07-11T00:22:38-07:00

I use exclusively FASKOLOR paints. You can see all their colors here.www.rcbombshells.com/faskolor

Do you use liquid mask?2015-07-11T00:22:38-07:00

I prefer and exclusively use Bob Dively’s liquid mask in a (3) coat application for each shell. This process requires a total of 72 hours to properly set up to BOMBSHELLS’ standards. This ensures all the detailed cuts will not score the body and later crack, split or break.

Can you paint my company/team logo or do custom paint masks?2021-03-03T17:14:38-08:00

Custom logos and sticker?  No problem.  RC BOMBSHELLS works closely with various reputable 3rd party resources for all your custom one-off decals.  If you have a vector image of your design, that will help this process. and save you money.  We have no control over added time restrictions for these to be produced.  Small set-up fee apply.  In most cases these one-off stickers can be applied on the inside prior to paint for maximum detail and durability.

How can I get BOMBSHELL decals to match my car like in the pictures?2015-07-11T00:22:39-07:00

BOMBSHELL decals are currently available from UPGRADE RC www.upgrade-rc.com and STICKITONE www.s1racing.net.

BOMBSHELLS is working on decals at this time which will be later included with each shell and sold separately.

How do I pay for my BOMBSHELL?2021-03-03T17:18:06-08:00

PAYPAL rcbombshells@gmail.com or making a purchase through our website is the preferred method of payment. If you do not have an account you can still pay with any major credit card or bank card via PayPal. This is the most secure form of payment for your and my protection.   If you run into any issues, we also can take credit card over phone (small 4% fee applies).

Do you vent the bodies?2015-07-11T00:22:39-07:00

I can vent the body for an additional charge of $5.00 – $10.00.

Do you charge to cut out the bodies as well?2015-07-11T00:22:39-07:00

No. Every BOMBSHELL will come cut out at no charge. This service is standard.

Can I pay once complete or partial payments?2015-07-11T00:22:39-07:00

Payment in full gets your place in the queue. At any given time I usually have at least 8-10 full paid shells in line. Partial payment can be accepted for the purpose of ordering your shell and any other resources (ie. logos, paint masks) and start the cutting out and liquid mask process. I will however not start painting until full payment is received. In most cases, it will however save your spot at the top of the queue.

Can RC Bombshells order my body?2015-07-11T00:22:39-07:00

Absolutely, all I need is a part number and payment. I will order your body on line (as available) and save you having to pay triple shipping and get you in line quicker.

What if I already have a body?2015-07-11T00:22:39-07:00

You can arrange to drop it off, or if you live outside the Vegas area, please contact us for an address to mail your body to.

How long is your turn around?2021-04-03T07:07:10-07:00

Due to increased demand, we are currently experiencing a 10-12 weeks or more turn around time to complete custom paint orders. Each customer’s clock starts upon payment of your order.

**Special orders involving the outsourcing for custom paint masks and or custom decals for your design cannot be guaranteed within any time frame due to circumstances beyond the control of RC BOMBSHELLS and will be completed upon availability of those custom outsourced materials.

Does the Rhino-Lining add weight to the body?2015-07-11T00:22:39-07:00

No racer has ever lost a race because of the undercoating on their body. BOMBSHELL bodies with the lining have been track tested and weighed 4-8 grams lighter than the competition, which did not have the lining. 2014 Stock Nationals Short Course Champion was a Rhino-Lined BOMBSHELL. In a class as competitive as that, and on a large body, what more evidence do you need. Refer to the first response.

Can I get sponsored for paint?2015-07-11T00:22:39-07:00

RC BOMBSHELLS is not currently accepting applications for sponsorship. As a side note, the first step to getting sponsored by anyone is familiarizing yourself with their product and believing in what the company is all about.

Do you have bodies for sale that are already painted?2015-07-11T00:22:39-07:00

I do not. In its inception, BOMBSHELLS retailed pre-painted bodies. I no longer have time for that. Just tell me what you want and let’s get started!