“The Original” BOMBSHELL INNER-LINERS – Exclusive Speed Secret for your NO PREP Racing application. Drastically reduces/eliminates ballooning, stretching and blown foam. Increased tire consistency and car control. Double your contact patch, double your tire life.

2 Options Available:

Option #1

Fits most 2.2/3.0 SCT Tires on the market.

Option #2 – NOW AVAILABLE (Limited Supplies)

DE Street Outlaw Rear Tire Inner-Liners
• Designed specifically for DE Non-Standard 1.7 / 2.5 Glue Beads
• Snug fitment. Minimize to eliminate ballooning.
• Suggested you sand 1mm off the DE Foams, but not required.

Option #3 – Big Daddy Wide Drag Slick SC 2.2″/3.0″ MC (Clay) Drag Racing Tires

*Due to the design of the Big Daddy tires RC Bombshells Inner-Liners will reduce but not eliminate ballooning.