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BEST Tire Balancer & Balancing Clay


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JConcepts Tire Balancer w/FREE Clay pack and compact storage case.

Out of stock


Rc Bombshells favorite Tire Balancer Now Available

JConcepts Tire Balancer w/FREE Clay pack included.

We have tried many tire balancers and built and balanced 100’s of tires.  This is a definite MUST HAVE in your R/C tool kit.

In racing, you can never be too precise, specifically with tires where the separation can be ever so slight. JConcepts now offers a tire balancer for 1/10th and 1/8th tires and wheel combinations. The all aluminum and steel design blends nicely into any pit area and comes set in a storage box for protection and travel convenience. The collapsible design rests in a lay-down configuration but pivots to a 90 degree stance and locks when in usable condition.

The center point of any balancer are the bearings, the free spinning action rests inside the JConcepts hub design. The interchangeable thumb nuts for 1/10th and 1/8th wheel versatility are located on the main axle which can be moved from its home base position to its critical balancing position with ease. The upright is built in aluminum material, anodized black, etched with instructions and chamfered for that extra lustrous look.

The base of the item is built to protect, position and maintain a small footprint at all times. The base has 4 stand-off legs to hold a steady structure while a thumb screw secures the upright in either the up or down position.